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At Janson’s Auto Detailing we pride ourselves on ensuring exceptional attention to detail. We believe that our performance in car valeting services is efficient in all three divisions, i.e. the cleaning, polishing and waxing of your vehicle. This process will entail detailing to both the inside and outside of the car, resulting in a show-quality level of detail.

Car cleaning refers to the removal of all foreign surface particles from exterior surfaces. Vacuuming is standard, and auto motor steam cleaning, liquid cleaners and brushes may be used to remove stains on upholstery. Auto-motor interior detailing involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior as well as the boot of the car. All of the dash area, panels, windows, seats and carpets will be cleaned extensively.

Car wax polishing refers to the use of specific polishing pads to remove microns of clear coat from a vehicle. This will result in the removal of fine scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and other imperfections from paint surfaces that were caused by improper washing techniques, drying techniques and other possible sources.

Besides improving and refining the appearance of the vehicle, car valeting and polishing helps to protect the car’s paint job and inevitably helps to preserve resale value of a car. Auto detailing services can also help enhance the visual aspects of a vehicle before a car show.

The main components of exterior car detailing are preparation, the right polishes, and protecting. Auto-motor exterior detailing consists of cleaning and enhancing the shine and gloss to a car's paintwork, chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires as well as all other visible components of the vehicles exterior.

Some detailers may offer engine detailing, in which steam, high pressure water, degreasers and all-purpose cleaners are used to the car’s engine. It is a delicate process as detailing the engine involves electronics located inside the engine compartment.

If this process is not followed correctly or executed in the proper manner the engine of the car as well as other important parts of the vehicle and it’s electronics may be ruined by water damage, chemicals and pressure.

The best way to keep your car looking and running flawlessly is by adhering to routine maintenance of your vehicle. This will ensure that all washing, waxing, polishing and general cleaning of your vehicle is done by professionals with intimate experience.


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