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Janson Paintless Dent Removal is your introduction into this fascinating and rewarding world of opportunity.

We believe that the excellence of tools used and quality of service delivery in a business are definite components in the vehicle of success for a business.

Often companies forget about the need for an all-round good job and try to focus their energies on their best characteristics, rather than trying to improve or find better equipped tools or skilled employees.

This occurs for a number of reasons but it mostly comes down to either low work-ethics and/or the want to minimise the expense budget and maximise the profit margin.

At Janson’s we KNOW what excellence in paintless dent removal means and we pride ourselves on the quality of both the tools we use for dent and scratch repair and the level of skills our employees hold when it comes to the most effective paintless dent removal techniques.

We source our wide range of paintless dent repair tools internationally to provide our clients with the best quality at the best possible prices.

We supply full sets of PDR Tools to the trade. As we are an official distributor of some of the highest quality PDR tools in the world, it only becomes more clear that at Janson’s we aim to provide our clients with only the highest level of professionalism and the best range of tools to accompany it.

To determine the exact location of the dent removal tool under the panel and to guide the repair job, you will make use of two reflection lines on the panel.

Janson PDR supplies a range of PDR LED Lights and reflection tools that are used to create such reflection lines.

We are qualified and recognised in PDR training and with our course you can become certified through our accredited PDR training, we also have paintless dent repair toolsets available for purchase.

For paintless dent removal prices and availability on our range of tools and services please contact us via:

Telephone: +27 (41) 369 0710 or Email us on: [email protected]


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