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Hail damage dent repair - Hail damage insurance claims

At Janson we guarantee that only the most qualified and experienced specialists will attend to your motorcar’s paintless dent repair.

We like to ensure that when your vehicle is being repaired by us that only the best equipment and skills are used.  Paintless dent removal takes years to learn and the ‘art’ involves skilled hand eye coordination.

The ability to successfully remove dents and dings is learned through trial and error and an untrained technician can actually damage a dent if attempting a repair without the correct skills and knowledge.

Hail damage dent repair

Hail damage dents are often quite small in size and do not break the layer of the paint. These types of dents are normally repaired using a process known as Paintless Dent Repair.

The sheer scale of the damage caused during a hail storm means that the PDR professional has to be very experienced and able to work quickly to make the repair cost effective.

Hail damage can cause hundreds of dents to a car's luxury paintwork, destroying the value of this asset in seconds. A body shop would replace car body panels but paintless dent repair avoids this completely.

Hail damage insurance claims

Paintless dent removal and repair has a number of advantages:

Unlike the traditional approaches in body repair, paintless dent removal involves no repainting or body filler and it is less expensive than outdated methods.

To add to the advantages of paintless dent removal there is also no risk of over spray on the other areas of your vehicle.

Not only does paintless dent repair offer all these benefits, but it takes a fraction of the time versus traditional repair methods.

Hail damage repair is just one of the very many services that we offer.  Janson is more than capable of handling this type of repair work.

Keep in mind however, that paintless dent repair can only be used if there is no damage to the paint. Luckily this is generally the case though with hail damage.

For more information on our hail damage repair technique and our many other services, view our article on paintless dent repair.


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