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Beneficial auto-detailing techniques - some myths corrected

Our website is a great place for auto-detailers and pristine car-care devotees, where we aim to create a better way to gather feedback on our valued customers specific detailing issues and to help inform people on the benefits of our services such as paintless dent removal, training in the paintless dent removal industry and the sale of paintless dent removal tools.

We will be publishing a useful auto-detailing instruction manual over the next few weeks covering car care topics such as polishing, waxing, washing, cleaning wheels and tires, convertible top care, and much more.

Throughout the next few articles we will help to fill you in on some beneficial auto-detailing techniques that are currently used by auto-detailing professionals and car care fanatics.

We will be borrowing from their knowledge and secret tips in order to assist you in turning your own vehicle into a work of art.

These auto-detailing how-to’s are written from the combined experiences of the staff at Janson’s as well as tips provided by specialised detailers, and industry leaders in car care.

Many people assume that polishing and waxing are one of the same; however each is a different process.

Correct and efficient cleaning and polishing makes a remarkable difference in the outcome and gloss duration of the paint.


Waxing over surfaces that need polishing or compounding will only create a temporary gloss and this will fade quickly.

Auto-detail polishing is actually a deep clean of the paint by which entails removing oxidation, scratches, spotting, old wax, swirl marks, and other minor paint defects.

Polishes work with abrasives and/or chemical cleaners to flatten, or level, the surface.

Whereas auto-detail waxing with waxes, polymers, and/or paint sealants provide an extra level of paint protection while yielding a high gloss finish.

Auto-detailing is vital in maintaining your vehicles paint work in good condition. We advise professional detailing regularly as well as upkeep done at home by the owner of the vehicle.

At Janson’s we use only quality products and guarantee only the most efficient and professional service every time.


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