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Not just soap and water

In our previous article we discussed valuable tips on car detailing.

In this posting we will be sharing even more tips on how to maintain your car tyres and how to hand wash your vehicle correctly.

All of the tips given in this blog are based on efficient and specialised information.

Professionals in the auto - car detailing industry use specially mixed acid solutions to clean dirty tyres and to strip residue from new tyres, as well as to get stubborn brake dust off wheels. However DIYers should rather use a nonacid based product. 

We advise this because acid-based cleaners can cause bare alloy wheels to oxidize and pit, and they can damage wheels painted with colour or clear coatings.

Our advice is to use a degreaser on wheels, but avoid using detergents because they can damage paint if splashed.  Wheels and tyres should be cleaned before you clean and protect your car's paint.

We highly recommend hand washing.  Hand washing gives you a chance to experience the tactile shape of your vehicle, and it's also a great way to inspect and familiarize yourself with the car's surfaces.

Avoid using dishwashing detergent when washing the car. It does get the car clean, but it also strips any protective wax coatings, exposing the vehicle to possible nicks, scratches, and stains. A carwash solution will preserve your car's finish.

After completing your carwash dry the surface with a micro-fibre cloth, this is because when water evaporates, it leaves minerals and dirt on the surface of your car.

Auto-detailing is essential in maintaining your vehicles paint work. We recommend professional auto-car detailing regularly as well as upkeep done at home by the owner of the vehicle.

At Janson’s we use only the highest quality products and guarantee only the most efficient and professional service every time.


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