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Is your car in showroom condition?

Your car deserves to look the way it did in the showroom, it deserves the best car care.

At Janson Auto-detailing Port Elizabeth, our mission is to provide a remarkably pleasant, luxuriously sufficient and professional car valet experience for each and every single one of our customers.

We guarantee that you can always count on our car detailing work to be first-class at each and every visit.

We all know great it feels to get behind the wheel of a well-kept vehicle.

Our car cleaning and auto detailing team offer much more than a ‘car wash’, we provide your vehicle with a high quality cleaning experience from the top to bottom of your vehicle.

The auto detailing team carefully and precisely removes all dirt, residue and scratches caused by every day vehicle use, renewing your car while helping to preserve its appearance for many years to come.

Our interior auto-detailing services and exterior detailing and refurbishing services not only restores the polish and gloss of your vehicle's surfaces, but aims to take you back to the initial connection you first felt with your vehicle the day it became yours.


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