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Vehicle Auto-Detailing for Every Season

Just like you need to look after your skin to avoid aging, your car needs added vehicle UV protection when facing the harsh South African climate to ensure it remains in the best condition.

Auto-Detailing Port Elizabeth 

Car Care Fundamentals

Both summer and winter are a tough time for your car.

Your vehicle's paint, plastic, leather and rubber trim are going to be put through their paces throughout both seasons.

It is therefore in your vehicle's best interest to prepare it for the months ahead by applying proper protection to all the recommended areas.

Protect your Car Paint

At Janson Valeting Port Elizabeth, we use only the best in car care products - Meguiar's Polishes and Waxes.

Multiple layers of protective coating increase the level of your vehicle’s paint protection.

By layering your vehicle with a sealant with 2 coats of Meguiar’s premium wax, your vehicle’s paint will be able to resist UV rays, moisture, industrial fall out, road dirt and more.

The protection period is dependent on how often you use your car, where it is stored, external elements, products used and after care.

Maintaining Vehicle’s Upholstery

During summer your vehicle’s leather upholstery experiences extreme heat and UV rays, it also has to withstand body sweat, body oils, suntan lotion and more, all deteriorating your vehicles leather.

Your vehicle’s leather interiors face a hard time when exposed to cold temperatures, cold dry air pulls the moisture from leather, and it is therefore important to treat your leather upholstery before colder temperatures set in.


Additionally, in winter once the temperature becomes too low, your leather will not be able to absorb any leather conditioners, as the cold will make it too brittle for the pores to open and allow proper absorption.

Looking after your Vehicle’s Tyre’s

Let’s face it, your tyres are really what get you from A to B.

They have a pretty hard job having to deal with both hot and cold weather conditions and the stresses of driving.

Therefore, it’s best to use quality tyre dressings in order to keep them looking great throughout the harshest climates and in order to provide a form of protection against elements that could cause their rubber to weaken.

Protecting your Vehicle’s Plastic Rubber and Trim

Often people forget about the non-painted parts of their car.

Rubber trim and door seals can also be treated, these parts are exposed to extreme temperatures and the UV radiation.

UV exposure causes fading, hardening and cracking of door seals and rubber trim.

Therefore, rubber seals should be given the right protection in order to maintain their shape and elasticity for longer, helping to prevent them from cracking and to provide a better seal for longer.

Janson Auto-Detailing Port Elizabeth

Attentive car care guarantees your vehicles protection throughout severe weather months, ensuring your vehicle appearance is at its best year round, all whilst helping to retain its maximum resale value.

For more information, please contact us.





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