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Certified Paintless Dent Removal Training South Africa

Paintless dent removal training is an extremely competitive industry, and like with most competitive industries, you will always find businesses offering inferior services at a more “affordable” price.

At first, cheaper services seem to be the best option, it’s understandable and nothing personal, budget is a major deciding factor for most people.

Unfortunately, in most cases, a cheaper price often means that the service is going to be substandard to the pricier alternative.

Certified Paintless Dent Removal Training South Africa

Janson Paintless Dent Removal Training South Africa has seen this happen time and time again. We are often approached by students from other PDR training academies for re-training, as their previous training was inadequate, to say the least.

Picture this, imagine spending R30 000.00 on a PDR training course, thinking you’ll be qualified and skilled at the end, only to discover your PDR skills are no better than they were before your course and that your qualification might not be recognised.

I don’t know about you but the whole idea makes our blood boil.

Regrettably, this sad scenario occurs more often than not, leaving many people disadvantaged and in some cases in huge financial debt.

Getting Certified with Janson PDR Training

The whole point of attending a PDR course is to walk away with a recognised, certified PDR qualification. Therefore, it’s important to check the credentials of the instructor and the PDR school.

Our training instructor, Fred Janson, has attended and qualified with an internationally recognised skilled training certificate in PDR training and has over 37 years of experience in the industry.

Additionally, Janson PDR is an accredited PDR training school and is registered with PDR Nation, the international PDR association.

Furthermore, we offer customised training courses ensuring that every student’s specific learning needs are catered for. We also provide one-on-one training programmes, giving each student the full attention needed to make sure they fully grasp the skills performed in lessons.

We are dedicated to producing highly skilled technicians, ones who we can be proud to say that they were trained by Janson PDR.

For more information about our training course, please contact us.


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