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Paintless Dent Removal Tool Gallery

Paintless Dent Removal Tools - Dent Repair Tools South Africa

We are the leading stockists of Dent Gear PDR Tools and Dent Tools.

Dent Gear use only top grade high carbon steel in the manufacturing of their PDR tools, and always attempt to design tools with multi use.

This is done by offering universal handles and standard lengths, in order to eliminate any redundant tools, that you the customer needs to carry.

Dent Tools has been supplying PDR Tools for several years and guarantees superior, unmatched quality.

They offer a full range of PDR tools, as well as PDR toolsets.

The Professional Range of PDR Tools

Uniquely positioned as the official distributor in South Africa, Janson Paintless Dent Removal is in the ideal situation to provide you with the best, most professional range of PDR tools available.

Contact us today for pricing and availability.

Make Janson Paintless Dent Removal your introduction into the fascinating and rewarding world of PDR opportunity.

PDR LED Lights and Reflection Lines

To determine the exact location of the tool under the panel and to guide the repair job, you will make use of two reflection lines on the panel.

Janson PDR supplies a range of PDR LED Lights and Reflection Tools, that create such reflection lines.

Janson Paintless Dent Repair Toolsets

Janson Paintless Dent Removal sources our wide range of Paintless Dent Repair Tools internationally, providing you with the best quality at the best price.

Please contact us for more information on the pricing and availability of our dent repair tool range.

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Each option has positive and negative aspects, but things like longevity and stain removal isn’t a concern if you are dealing with Janson’s Car Detailing and Valet Service.

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